Admissions Process

FAQ: Admissions Process

Q. What is the admission process?

A. The majority of our residents are referred from hospitals and/or physician offices. Prior to hospital discharge, the social worker or case manager contact us concerning your needs. Our team reviews your patient information to ensure that we can meet your needs. The hospital makes arrangements for the transfer, and admissions papers are then completed with the patient and/or the patient’s power of attorney or family member. All residents are assessed by our multi-disciplinary team and a treatment plan is developed. Each resident is assigned a social worker at our facility who is there to assist the resident as well as the family in understanding how the system works, as well as to make their transition more comfortable. If you or your loved one is in the hospital and requires the services of a skilled nursing home, you can request that a Vincentian facility be contacted. If you are planning a surgery such as a knee or hip replacement, you can contact us directly – in advance of your surgery – to arrange for your stay after surgery.

Q. Do you have a waiting list and, if so, how long is it?

A. Admission to any of our facilities is dependent upon matching the needs of the prospective resident to bed availability. Factors such as type of care needed (short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, and dementia/Alzheimer’s care), the gender of the patient, and availability of a private or semi-private room will determine whether or not a bed is immediately available for you or your loved one. We encourage you to speak directly with the Admissions Department at your chosen facility as soon as the need for care has been determined (see contact us for location contact information).