Care and Living Environment

FAQ: Care and Living Environment

Q. Are Vincentian nursing facilities regulated and controlled?

A. Yes. Medicare, Medicaid, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health are all responsible for licensure and certification of all Vincentian facilities. Many other agencies also routinely visit and inspect the conditions and services we offer.

Q. What procedures are followed in case hospital care is required?

A. Our residents’ attending physicians are responsible for determining whether hospital care is required. In an emergency, facility staff will arrange for transportation to the nearest emergency room.

Q. What are the visiting hours at Vincentian facilities?

A. Our facilities are always open to family and friends.

Q. Are Vincentian facilities open only to members of the Catholic faith?

A. We do not discriminate in providing our services. Vincentian doors are open to applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, or disability.

Q. How often is Mass held at Vincentian facilities, and who offers Mass there?

A. Each facility establishes its own Mass schedule, with most facilities offering daily mass plus regular interfaith services. Please visit the facility of your choice under locations. A description of pastoral care services, including the mass schedule, is found within the “living at” page.

Q. What is the ratio of staff to residents at Vincentian facilities?

A. Staff-to-resident ratios vary from facility to facility and are dependent on the time of day and the specific care needs of the residents. Because of our commitment to quality care, our staffing ratios exceed the state-mandated requirements.

Q. What transportation services do Vincentian facilities provide?

A. Transportation services vary from facility to facility, ranging from facility-owned transport buses to Access buses and automobiles; please visit the facility of your choice under locations for more specific information.

Q. How long do residents normally stay at Vincentian facilities?

A. The length of stay for residents is primarily determined by their medical needs and conditions. Stays may range from a few weeks to many years. At our facilities, a multi-disciplinary team headed by the nursing staff routinely work with residents, their families, and their physicians to determine the most appropriate length of stay.

Q. What types of rehabilitation services do Vincentian facilities provide?

A. Our facilities provide a full range of rehabilitation services — speech, occupational, and physical therapies. We also offer the oversight of a physiatrist at each of our facilities to coordinate rehabilitation with other types of medical care. Our goal is to work as a team, in conjunction with the resident and his or her family, to return residents to their optimal levels of functioning as quickly and effectively as possible.