Covid Isolation Unit

Vincentian’s COVID-19 Isolation Unit

The Vincentian Home COVID-19 isolation unit has been created to provide care to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are clinically appropriate for post-acute care.

The COVID-19 Isolation Unit is physically separated from the rest of the campus with a set of Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) certified isolation doors. Negative pressure air machines filter the air inside the unit, meaning that air from the unit cannot enter other areas of the facility and that the air is filtered prior to being discharged from the unit to the outside. Air is not recirculated via the HVAC system between this unit and other communities at Vincentian Home.

Separate entrances designed for residents and employees have been created; neither residents nor employees travel through other parts of the campus to enter the COVID unit. Staff on the COVID-19 Unit use a dedicated entrance and exit that is only used by them, and these staff members do not travel or work on parts of the campus outside the COVID-19 Unit. Staff have full access to all CDC-approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including goggles, face shield, respirator, gown and gloves. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has reviewed and is aware of the COVID-19 Isolation Unit, as are Vincentian’s local healthcare partners.

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