Favorite Spaces Renovations

Favorite Spaces Renovations

New fixtures, artwork and furnishings can make a huge difference on our well-being. Comfort, dignity, self-esteem, and sleep are all affected when our surroundings are fun, fresh and beautiful. Our goal this year is to raise over $200,000. Can you help?

$50,100 Vincentian de Marillac

Contributions will go toward new nightstands and flooring for residents’ rooms DONATE NOW!

$100,000 Vincentian Home

Heritage Building residents are hoping for new furniture DONATE NOW!

$10,000 Vincentian Personal Care

Furniture and window treatments are needed for residents’ room DONATE NOW!

$29,500 Vincentian Marian Manor

Your gift can go toward draperies and resident bed tables DONATE NOW!

$35,000 Vincentian Development Center

is renovating its preschool bathroom and making improvements to the outdoor play area. A gift of $10,000 will provide two-year naming rights to the playground. DONATE NOW!