FAQ: Financing

Q: What insurances do you take?

A: Vincentian accepts most major insurances. Call your desired facility for specific insurance information.

Q. What is Medicare?

A: Medicare is a federally funded program that provides insurance benefits for people over the age of 65 and for people with disabilities who qualify. Medicare Part A covers hospital, nursing home, home health, and hospice services. Medicare Part B (for which a monthly premium must be paid) covers physician and some medical services. After qualifying requirements are satisfied, Medicare will pay for short-term care in a Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility, short-term home health services, and hospice care.

Q. What is Medicaid?

A. Medicaid is a joint federal and state assistance program that covers those who meet eligibility requirements based on a limited income and financial resources. To qualify for Medicaid, your assets may not exceed the amount determined by Medicaid requirements (totaling a few thousand dollars and including assets such as bank accounts, IRAs, second homes, and stocks and bonds).

Q. Does Medicare pay for long-term care? Does Medicare pay for personal care?

A. Medicare will pay for skilled nursing care as long as you have a “skilled” need as defined by Medicare regulations. Eligibility requirements are strictly defined by Medicare. Medicare will not cover intermediate or personal care.

Q. I need nursing home care but don’t have the necessary funds; what do I do?

A. If you are seeking admission to a nursing facility from home or from a personal care facility and do not have funds to pay for the needed care, you can apply for medical assistance (Medicaid) prior to admission to the nursing facility. You may obtain medical assistance by contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Aging or the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Q. Do Vincentian facilities’ fees cover everything?

A. Generally, fees cover only the nursing care we provide and do not reflect physician visits. A resident’s insurance may cover other professional services. Please contact us to answer your specific questions.