A Mission Rooted in Compassion

Vincentian was founded in Pittsburgh in 1924 with a simple purpose: to care for those who could not care for themselves. Nearly 100 years later, these nonprofit, mission-based roots continue to define Vincentian. Dedicated to meeting unmet needs in our communities and being an employer of choice by the caregivers, Vincentian’s top priority – and passion – is people. We “Share Everything, Keep Nothing” because it’s what we’ve always done. Every day, for nearly 100 years.

Our Differences


An Intergenerational Vision

Segmenting people by age or audience is counterintuitive to the human condition. We all share a need for connection to others. Traditionally, older adults are whisked to their own location, children to another, college students to another...and so it goes. But that is not how it is at Vincentian.

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Commitment to Excellence

As one of the few senior care and human services organizations with a Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Clinical Excellence as part of the executive leadership team, Vincentian's commitment to excellence informs every interaction, from the routine to extraordinary.


Patient and Family Centered Care

Individuals - People Caring for People - are at the heart of every human service organization. At Vincentian, an intentional, individualized care delivery philosophy puts the person at the center. Compassion is our cornerstone, as it has been since 1924.

Our Roots

Vincentian began in Pittsburgh as a humble response to a community need and has grown to multiple campuses serving every stage of the life cycle. Vincentian’s altruistic mettle has sustained through natural disasters, world wars, and global pandemics, all the while focused on a mission of compassionate care that centers on the personal journey of each individual served.


Our Heritage

While we are forward-looking to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, our devotion to our heritage never wavers. From day-one of their visionary ministry, Vincentian's founding Sisters were devoted to caring for the whole person -  and this is the central tenet of our work today.


Missions and Values

At the core of Vincentian is, and always has been, progressive humanitarianism; a fearless willingness to evolve to meet the needs of a diverse and changing society. This readiness to respond is woven through the organizational fabric and serves as our guiding light.


Vincentian Today

Vincentian was founded with a simple, compassionate purpose: to care for those in Western Pennsylvania who could not care for themselves. These nonprofit, mission-based roots still define who Vincentian's top priority - and passion - is people. Every day. Since 1924.

Our People

At the center of every interaction, every intentional design, every skilled and tender touch is a Vincentian caregiver. This dedicated team is passionate about making a difference in the world around them and utilizing their diverse talents to contribute to a greater good, simply through impacting one life at a time.




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Want to learn more about what makes Vincentian different, or perhaps join our growing team of diverse, yet like-minded innovators? We would welcome a conversation.

Vincentian Corporate Office

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