Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Vincentian’s commitment to excellence begins with a focus on quality. Vincentian is one of the few senior care and human services organizations with a Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Clinical Excellence overseeing all clinical care.


At Vincentian, excellence goes beyond federal STARs ratings or annual inspections. While these quantifiable measures are key benchmarks, we don’t end there. Best practices, particularly in the areas of infection prevention and control, are shared across the interdisciplinary team. We’re constantly learning and adapting our practices to strive for the highest levels of excellence.


By coordinating the delivery of clinical care services across our campuses, Vincentian ensures that our nursing teams have the direction, resources, and latest evidence-based best practices available to them at all times. This results in improved outcomes for patients and residents, and a sense of shared purpose across our teams. Led by the CNO and VP of Clinical Excellence, our Administrators, Directors of Nursing and their teams are united in a shared goal: delivering the best possible care to those we serve, meeting and exceeding expectations at every opportunity and in the routine and extraordinary.

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Workforce learning and development is a year-round focus for Vincentian, centralized at the Vincentian Learning and Engagement Institute (VLEI). The VLEI is the hub for all onboarding, upskilling, and continuing education for our caregivers. A variety of trainings, seminars, roundtables and events are held throughout the year to empower our caregivers with the knowledge and resources they need to provide the highest quality of care to those we serve.

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Best Practices

The use of technology, including telemedicine, video conferencing, online learning management software, and centralized policies and procedures, is key to Vincentian’s approach to excellence in care. By sharing best practices across our system, we are able to fully utilize the skills and expertise of our professional caregiving teams. This coordinated effort is overseen by our Clinical Excellence department and supported by People Operations and Engagement.


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