Patient and Family Centered Care

Patient & Family Centered Care

At Vincentian, Patient and Family Centered Care means that we put individuals at the core of everything we do. Recognizing that all human beings have unique needs, preferences, and ways of communicating, we work with families, patients and our residents in partnership to ensure that our caregivers are providing for those we serve – and helping them thrive.


To truly understand the patient and resident experience, we work to view through the eyes of those we serve, focusing first on their experience. By joining them on their care journey, we can better understand what’s working and what can be improved. This is practiced in several ways, through shadowing, observation, and continued learning and listening.

Our Care

What does Patient and Family Centered Care mean in practice? It may mean that we aim to schedule therapy sessions around a favorite mealtime gathering. Or, perhaps a patient likes to sleep in – we make sure we do not schedule them for the first appointment of the day. At our independent living communities, as a resident is about to move in, we get to know them. On their first night with us, perhaps a note appears with an invitation to the nightly poker game or book club, based upon our listening and learning.


Our need for connection doesn’t end when we choose to move to an older adult community, or to place our children in a childcare setting. In fact, it is amplified. Humans interacting with humans is fundamental to our wellbeing. By employing strategies to address each aspect of wellness, and doing it in a way to connects the generations together to not just co-exist in the same space, but to thrive together and learn from one another, we help nourish the whole person.



Understanding the resident experience helps us ensure that the environment we foster – truly our residents’ homes – is designed thoughtfully around the individual. We achieve this through resident council groups, resident experience workgroups, and constantly listening, learning and adapting to the needs of those we serve. Vincentian’s programs and spaces are designed to be inclusive to all and reflective of those we serve.


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