Preparing for the Silver Tsunami

It’s no secret that the “Silver Tsunami” is upon us. Some 500,000 Western Pennsylvania residents will retire in the next 20 years. At Vincentian, we are focused on designing experiences and systems that focus on living, not aging. To emphasize this message, we’ve even developed a new tagline: “It’s All About Living!”

We are committed to investments in technology, physical spaces, resident experiences, employees and strategic partnerships to advance our goals. These pillars, as outlined in the Vincentian 2020 Strategic Plan, will position our senior communities for success.

As we provide innovative care delivery models, we also know that people are the core of our mission; we exist to serve our residents. Likewise, the success of our ministries relies on the Sisters, volunteers, family, staff, and benefactors that make us who we are – in a word, you. An investment in people – both inside and outside the organization – is a vital component to our strategic plan.

Exciting times are ahead for Vincentian! Buckle your seatbelts for the incoming Tsunami. It’s about to be a wild ride!

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