Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Regardless of your need for short-stay rehabilitation with us, Vincentian has you covered. Our interdisciplinary team is standing by to tend to your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. This includes 24/7 nursing care, a full culinary services department, as well as life enrichment, pastoral care/spiritual services, and a premier therapy gym for all of your speech, occupational and physical therapy needs.


Vincentian’s person-centered approach puts the human at the core of everything we do. Individual choice, needs, preferences, interest and abilities are all factored into your customized care plan. At Vincentian, we treat the person, not the diagnosis. This means we work around you – not the other way around. During – and after – your stay, you are a part of the Vincentian family.



After an illness or injury, you may find it harder to do chores like cooking, laundry, or cleaning. Using settings that mimic the appliances and fixtures in a typical home, our occupational therapists will help you gain confidence in these skills. This includes any meaningful activity that you want or need to participate in, like taking care of yourself and your loved ones, volunteering, working, or going to church or classes.


Speech Therapy

The goal of speech therapy is to help you improve your communication, cognitive and swallowing skills. Speech therapy may include the use of assistive devices, retraining your muscles, deploying strategies to compensate for any limitations, and more. Vocal and oral exercises can help improve speaking, and even reading, writing, cognition and comprehension.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is specifically designed for your needs; no two care plans or care experiences are completely identical. This type of therapy is designed to help you recover, or recover faster, from a variety of injuries. We help you build strength without overwhelming your body and take the time to assess your particular challenges and opportunities for improvement. Physical therapy is especially helpful for older adults, because therapists are trained to spot problems that may seem small but could lead to more serious issues over time.


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Thank you again for your interest in Vincentian recovering services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your journey towards recovery.

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