Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

Short-Term Rehabilitation and Therapy Services at Vincentian

When you or someone you love needs to recover from surgery, a fall or an illness, think Vincentian – Vincentian Home in McCandless and Vincentian Marian Manor in the Greentree neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

A team of professionals provides a custom-designed rehabilitation program to help you regain the skills and abilities you need to achieve the best possible outcomes in body, mind, and spirit. At Vincentian, you can expect excellent staff, amenities, state-of-the-art equipment, delicious meals, caring attention and access to our chapel for your spiritual well-being.

Here at Vincentian – It’s All About Living, and we want to help you get “Well on your Way” to recovery.
Therapists provide three types of short-term rehabilitation at Vincentian:

Physical Therapy addresses the cause of an injury, be it skeletal, muscular or related to the nervous system. Therapists use a range of techniques to both help you recover from an injury and teach you how to hopefully prevent a re-injury in the future. Physical therapy can also help improve balance and mobility as well as prevent falls.

Speech therapy is designed to address a wide continuum of speech and language issues. Aging, neurological challenges and other medical conditions can result in problems with one of our most basic bodily functions: swallow and talking. Speech therapy at Vincentian helps you improve your ability to eat and communicate.

Occupational therapy helps you regain independence and quality of life in your daily activities. This type of therapy at Vincentian involves daily tasks that have become difficult, like cooking, cleaning, dressing or bathing. The goal of occupational therapy is to help you get back to doing what you want or need to do in your daily life.

When you choose Vincentian for your physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or language therapy, you can rest assured that you are receiving 5-star rated care.

Short-Term Rehabilitation is offered at:
Vincentian Home
Vincentian Marian Manor
Vincentian de Marillac