What is Vincentian Rise?

Vincentian Rise is a 18-month leadership development and mentorship program that connects achieving team members with:

  • Professional Experiences
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Engagement in Executive Processes

You are our future.

Our people are the reason for our success. You have the power to carry on our mission every day through the work you do. Helping you achieve your full potential moves Vincentian forward, too.

What can Vincentian Rise do for me?

As a Vincentian Rise fellow, you are positioned to develop as a future Vincentian leader. Vincentian Rise provides the coaching and mentorship needed to guide your leadership journey. You’ll get exposure to executive processes and be immersed in the operational mechanics of a multi-faceted health and human services organization. Vincentian Rise fellows gain the knowledge, mentorship and professional development that provides the edge for success.

How do I become a Vincentian Rise fellow?

  • Show leadership initiative
  • Reflect the Vincentian mission and values in your work and attitude
  • Have at least one year of service at Vincentian
  • Attain a level of “achieves” or higher on your most recent performance review, with no corrective action for the past 12 months

Next, submit your application:

  • Gain the endorsement and sponsorship of a Vincentian leader
  • Complete and submit your Vincentian Rise application, available at your facility screening desk

What can I expect as a Vincentian Rise fellow?

  • Dedicate 6-10 hours per month to Vincentian Rise activities
  • Meet monthly with your Primary Mentor
  • Engage with your Rotation Mentors to learn day-to-day operations
  • Participate in the development and execution of high-level Vincentian projects
  • Deliver presentations to Vincentian leaders and board members
  • Develop proposals for and attend industry conferences (LeadingAge, etc.)
  • Research current topics and industry trends

Apply Today.

For questions about Vincentian Rise, contact Michelle Bulger at mbulger@unconventionalkitchen.us.